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Letter from Johns Hopkins

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Kara's Place

Kara's Place

Supporting Young Adults with Cancer and their Families

Imagine, for a moment, the shock of being diagnosed with cancer in your late teens, 20's or early 30's. Now, picture being told that your local hospital does not have the expertise to treat you. Instead, you are advised to travel to a major comprehensive cancer center to receive state of the art treatment. How would you pay for temporary housing during the course of your medical care?

Each year, thousands of young adults have their lives shattered by an unexpected cancer diagnosis. While a cancer diagnosis is devastating at any age, young adults are especially vulnerable.  In reality, most don't get sick and those, who do, are generally ill equipped. Often unable to pay for even basic medical care, patients feel isolated and financially insecure.

After experiencing the exorbitant cost of temporary housing first hand, we recognized the need to advocate for affordable patient and family care. Created to ease the financial burden of relocating for treatment at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, Kara's Place, located in the Hackerman-Patz Patient and Family Pavilion, provides young adults and their family members with an inexpensive place to stay while in Baltimore. Despite the small nightly cost of just $60, many patients still struggle to make ends meet. Our funding ensures that patients will receive assistance with their unmet housing and parking expenses, making life just a little bit easier during an especially stressful time. Read about our Matching Funding Program!

To apply for a funding grant, please download our Patient Assistance Application.

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